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“No matter what seeds the gardeners have sown, each reaps a harvest that’s as much or more about the soul as it is about the soil.”
--Today’s Charlotte Woman, Charlotte, NC

“A charming and life-affirming read.”
--Pat Johnson, The SandPaper, Surf City, NJ

“The spiritual perspective of Garden Voices is a wonderful addition to the knowledge we Master Gardeners seek. I highly recommend the book.”
--Barbara Valenti, President, Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia

“The twelve inspiring stories from women who have built their lives around their gardens…not only provide tips and tricks for gardening but also dig down to a deeper more soulful layer—a layer beyond what is visible in the dirt. As spiritually fulfilling as a beautiful bouquet or a colorful harvest of vegetables, these stories will resonate in the minds and hearts of all gardeners.”
--Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent Publisher Online

“Your book is so touching because all of us have gone through some of the same things the women in your stories have experienced. It certainly stirred our Spirit!”
--Jackie Riddle, Jonesborough (TN) Presbyterian Church Shalom Circle

“You cannot imagine how soothing and comforting and reaffirming these stories are for me. I’m reading one each night — as my dessert — to get me through the winter blahs.”
--Trish Niece, Wallingford, CT

“Spirits bloom in Garden Voices. You don’t have to garden to enjoy the harvest of Carolyn Freas Rapp’s book.…A reader can breeze through the text in a single sitting or return day after day to savor yet another story. Either way, the sacred act of creating and nurturing remains long after the book ends.”
--Kimberly Nicoletti, Summit Daily News, Frisco, CO

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