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"The thing about gardening is that it’s not just fun to do. It’s equally rewarding to read about—especially when the women doing the talking have such compelling stories to tell."
-- Barbara Matusow, Washingtonian magazine

"My book group chose this book and it led to a rich discussion of what gardens mean in each of our lives. It is extremely well-written and each reader related to a different story. Our group usually reads fiction, and this book offered the opportunity for a refreshing change."
--Elizabeth M. Baltich, Ely, MN

"Everyone has soul, whether they work in the business world or in the garden, and Garden Voices touched mine by translating life experience through stories set in the garden."
-- S. Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager, First Horizon Bank, Arlington, VA

"I am NOT a gardener in any way and would much prefer to play golf or any other endeavor rather than dig in the dirt.  However, I was so touched by these                      women's stories and the reasons for their love of gardening that I felt a tear running down my cheek every so often.  And I NEVER cry at movies!"
--Ann West, Oakton, VA

"There is a story for everyone to relate to in Garden Voices, one that will evoke wonderful memories of happy times spent in an activity that provided instant enjoyment."
-- Harriet P. Masters, Director, Women’s Resource Center, East TN State University

"Garden Voices is especially commended to the attention of gardening enthusiasts as well as Women’s Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists."
-- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

"I am eighty years old and Garden Voices is one of the few books that I didn’t want to end."
-- Camille Brune, Quad Cities, IL

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